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The Two Old Broads are tired, y’all

Yeah, so. We’ve had a rough couple of months. I hate to sound so down, but y’all get all access, so it is what it is. Medical bills are coming in from my (Julia’s) hospital stay in December. Big ones. Our income took a nose dive from our main publisher, and was paid late enough that some medical bills went to collections, which means even crappier things. And things there seem to be… tense.

We just want to write books, you know? Damn mortgages and bills…

Anyway, y’all, we’re keeping on keeping on. BA just finished her first full length paranormal since the second Sanctuary book, I typed the end on a Christmas meet cute novel, and I’m almost done with Club Endless 2 for Changeling Press.

Just keep us in your thoughts, will you?



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