Gluten Free Product Review: Namaste Dark Chocolate Cake Cup

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Hey y’all! So, after a few years of being off the gluten free diet due to a misdiagnosis of mammoth proportions, we’re back on it. It was a bear cleaning up the kitchen and replacing cookware, especially since it was all so damn unnecessary.

Not that I’m bitter.

So, I’m reviewing anything new since we were last GF a few years ago, and since we’re stocking up, it ought to be fun around here.

Today it’s the Namaste dark chocolate cake cup. These were 2/4$ on sale at Albertsons, which is a pretty good price for cake cups, let alone GF snacks.

It comes in a little cup with a packet of cake mix in it.

You pour the cake mix, a tablespoon of oil, and any kind of milk (I used 2% cow) in the container and mix.

I recommend mixing well or it will be a tiny bit grainy at the bottom.

Microwave for 90 seconds.

It puffs up pretty well, and has a nice airiness. The smell is really chocolate cakey, and not beany like so many GF cakes, as it’s all rice and tapioca flour.

Let cool for a few minutes and eat. I topped mine with a bit if Nutella for icing.

So, the skinny is, it has a nice texture, the flavor is good and not too sweet, but I can see why it doesn’t come with frosting. Next time a little whipped cream will suffice, I think. Like I said, it got a tiny bit grainy at the bottom, so make sure to stir really well. It genuinely only took the 90 seconds in my microwave.

Grade. B plus.

On Amazon you can just buy the pouches and use your own cup, but they’re a little pricier than what I paid on the special sale.

I’ll see you guys later for more yummies!



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