So much going on

Hey y’all!

So, I’m a terrible blogger. I really mean to do better, then I get wrapped up in take your pick: The dog pooping in the bed, the wife in the hospital, the new release I need to support…

The Two Old Broads are whoa crazy.

I have lots of news. We’re going .99 book sales through the 1st over at – check out the banner on the front page to see what’s on sale! We;re calling it Evil Easter Eggs. Loko at the graphic Kiernan Kelly made!

That’s my girl, and she’s the sale for March 22.

We (also Evil Plot Bunny) are going to be doing .69 short stories from all of us, mostly older reprints, starting April 10, 2018! Check out the site weekly for new uploads! A lot of these haven’t seen daylight for years!

again, that’s

I’ve started destashing some vintage items from a long ago antique store. In my 20s I was a vintage maven… Now I need to make room for more stuff LOL. Here’s my Etsy shop!

We’ll be at RT 2018 in Reno! Will we see you there?

Finally, and not least at all, BA and I are going to start offering a serialized fiction starting with our April newsletter! You can sign up for our newsletter here! The first story will be from my Bloodrose/Cereus universe.

Whew. Think that’s enough?
I do for now.



XXOO and much love y’all

Julia Talbot

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