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Round up post for April 2018

BA had surgery. That was really the biggie.

We’re giving away a story in the bloodrose/cereus world on the newsletter. Starting in April until it ends LOL. It’s a link to a page so the newsletter stays safe for work, so feel free to sign up by clicking here!

BA and I will be at Romantic Times Booklovers convention from May 15-20 in Reno, Nevada. Click the image below to see all the wonders!


We had a great April for books. We’ll have a great May too. I’m re-releasing Tomb of the God King with Dreamspinner. BA’s Latigo will be back out. She has a German translation of Just Like Cats and Dogs coming soon. And if you haven’t gone to check out Evil Plot Bunny’s .69 shorts, the first two are up. Me and BA, natch!

Check those out here!

We love y’all and I hope to get back to more than once a month blogs soonest!



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